Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Vegetarianism the Easy Way

I like that phrase.  And it’s a good motto for learning a new skill or going through a big life transition.  When you decide to explore becoming a vegetarian, it is very easy to get scared off by what appears to be a difficult road ahead.  But the truth is, there is an easy way and a hard way to become a vegetarian.  So in keeping with our motto of the day of "make it easy on yourself", lets discuss vegetarianism the easy way.

The Good of Vegetarianism

Sometimes the only thing really holding you back from making the big step of becoming a vegetarian is to come to a firm grasp of what good you will get from it.  Too often we see eating right and cutting meat from our diet as a drudgery and something we "should do" but we don’t want to.  But becoming a vegetarian is a big life change and one that you should make with every intent of remaining a vegetarian for life.  The only way to make that kind of life change "stick" is to have some concrete and desirable positive outcomes that you will realize from the change.  If there is "something in it for you" besides being seen as a good person because you  "should" do it, you will embrace the change more enthusiastically.